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Al Arabiya пишет, что Судан якобы Су-35 купил

Причем якобы они даже получили первые машины на прошлой неделе. Честно говоря, похоже на "утку". Я не встречал какой-либо подтверждаемой информации о подобном контракте, а тем более о том, что начались поставки в Судан. А ведь сейчас даже Китай еще далеко не все заказанные машины получил, а он первоочередной клиент.

Sudan has become the first Arab country to acquire the fourth generation Su-35 fighter jets from Russia just ahead of President Omar Ahmed al-Bashir’s first visit to Moscow on Thursday.
The first batch of jets were delivered late last week are considered the backbone air superiority fighters for the Russian airforce. The UAE signed a similar agreement earlier this year to develop the same jets with Russia.
Sudanese deputy air force commander, Salahuddin Abdul Khaliq Saeed, announced the deal in March. He told Sputnik news agency that the aircraft will contribute to the consolidation of Sudan’s defenses and will provide it protection from any threat.
The number of fighters delivered, however, was not released.

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Posts from This Journal “Су-35” Tag